Inner Demons - Anthology


The Inner Demons Anthology is an ever growing collection of fiction and poetry written by my inner demons - Content warning: violence, adult themes, sexual references, crime, gore, drug references.

Inner Demons Anthology.png

Part 1: Confess - An accused pedophile is tortured for a confession, but did he do it?

“Nothing happened, I swear it. I would never do that, I’m not a monster.”
Despite how cold it was inside the holding pen, Jankov was sweating profusely. The chains around his wrists clinked as he pulled the already soiled handkerchief from his pocket..."

Part 2: Creating A Monster (poem) - What has to happen to turn a man into a monster?

Part 3: Finish The Job - A home invasion ends with gore. Can you stomach it?

"You surveyed the scene looking for him. Doubt crept back in. Had you done enough? Was he left in a similar state to you? With knife wounds you can never be certain. Despite the comfort you derived from the old knife fighting adage that, ‘The loser of a knife fight dies on the scene and the winner dies in hospital’. Past experience had taught you otherwise..."


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