How To Get Your Shit Together

How To Get Your Sh!t Together

In my experience, most self-help books don't cover the right topics. They are too limited in focus, leaving the reader having to go elsewhere for the gaps in there information (or more likely, not following the advice at all)

It is easy to assume that overcoming anxiety, defeating depression and moving on from trauma is enough. Trust me, when you are in those circumstances and dealing with those mental states, it is certainly a priority. 

However, what does that person do now that they are in a better mental state? How can they organise their lives and learn the skills necessary to function effectively in society? If they don't have the skills to learn, budget, eat well, exercise, maintain a house, develop a work life balance, and grow deep personal relationships, they may slide back into a mental affliction.

Whats more, they need to have a goal to strive towards, and importantly, the skills to move towards that goal. In my experience, once I was safely "surviving", I wanted to start "thriving". But I didn't know where to even begin. The books that I was reading helped me with my mental state, but did not give me anything to aim towards, other then recovery.

On the other side of things, the books that are aimed at goal attainment and success, often disregard the extreme pressure that such goals can place onto a persons mental health. They often do not cover how to deal with the crippling anxiety, self doubt, mistakes, and rejections that will inevitably arise from such pursuits.

Thus, I decided to make "How To Get Your Sh!t Together" - it is the book that I wish I had growing up.

Topics covered include: Overcoming Anxiety | Defeating Depression | Moving On From Trauma | Getting Organised | Finding Meaning | Following Your Dreams

As a teacher and avid self help reader, I have seen many different styles of books. Some are amazing at transferring information, whilst others are not. Despite amazing content, they are hard to consume, and thus are of little use to the reader.

"How To Get Your Sh!t Together" is presented with the reader in mind.

This includes: thematically focused sections, consistent formatting, specific instructions on how to take action on the advice presented, and a brief summary following each chapter.

There is a dedicated section containing all of the chapter summaries, so that you can easily remember and review all of the information (without the hassle of finding and rereading pages of content). An extensive index is presented at the back of the book for specific references.

Finally I also include an extensive resources list where I will outline the best places to go to for specialised expert advice, or more reading on a particular topic.

“How To Get Your Shit Together" is coming soon.

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