Why You Are Not As Good As You Think You Are

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Studies consistently show that people rank themselves above average in most areas. That means that the average person believes themselves to be better looking, smarter and more athletic than they are.

Therefore YOU most likely think that you are better than what you are.

With this in mind, we all need to put in more effort than we think we do if we want to be successful at anything - because all of us are subject to that same bias.

No one thinks they are bad drivers, yet people crash daily. Everyone thinks that they will be successful in business, yet 95% of businesses fail within five years. People play the lottery expecting to be the lucky person that can defy the odds and win big.

Everyone expects themselves to be the exception to the rule, yet most people will just confirm it. On the whole, most people believe that their life should have turned out better then it has.

The point is this - if you want to be above average, you need to perform above average. The first step to success is to realise this ... The second is to begin.

So study more, train more, read more and exercise more. To be more you must do more.

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