Why You Are Your Own Worst Critic

Stopping yourself

Don't judge yourself against what you see of other people - It is important to realise that you only see their highlight reel, but you see everything of yourself.

You see their success but never hear their inner dialogue.

You are exposed to all your ruminations, anxieties, fears and doubts, but only ever see what others want to show you. We are all human and all have similar inner worlds - but we only ever see our own.

Don't let that fact get you down. Once you realise that most people have insecurities, you realise that your own insecurities are normal and therefore acceptable. Then you can move on from this unfair comparison.

To judge yourself fairly, compare the feedback you receive for your performance against what others receive. That way you are determining the value of your performance, not the subjective nature of your anxiety against your perception of other people.

Watch the one minute video below for more on this topic!

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