How To Afford The Life You Want - In Under One Minute

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If you spend money on what you are passionate about and sacrifice in other areas, you will be able to afford a lot more.

I personally have little interest in cars. Yes a new flashy car would be great, but I just don't value it. I could get a loan and buy one, but then I would have less money (or time spent earning the money) for what I love.

To me it is better to work out what you want and focus your spending there. 

That way you can do what you love, and not waste your time or money on things that you ultimately could do without.

I love listening to music and I am a prolific reader. So I prioritise good quality sound products. But on the other hand I don't value fancy holidays/5 star dining and other such things (the company is more important). So the money that I don't spend on those things, can go towards music or books.

Re-evaluate all of the spending that you currently have and cut in areas that you are not passionate about. Sell or downgrade what you don't need and divert that spending to what you actually enjoy.

It's time to take ownership of your finances!

Watch the one minute video below for more on this topic!


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