Learn How To Accomplish Any Goal - In One Minute

Life Hacks

Why is it that most people have dreams, yet few ever get to live them?

If you have a goal that you want to accomplish, this is how:

1) Clearly Define Your Goal - that way you know exactly what you are aiming towards.

A lack of clarity will result in a lack of direction, thus your effort will be pulled in multiple directions and you may never finish your dream project.

2) Determine What Single Thing Will Have The Greatest Impact Now - there is always a million things to do, but often there is one or two things, that when done, will move you further than the rest.

There is a tendency to get bogged down in minutia, overlooking and delaying the major components of a project. If you work out what single thing will help the most, you know where to start working.

3: Work Hard - Prioritise goal attainment over time wasting activities like watching TV, social media or other distractions.

Let your friends and family know that you are going to be pushing towards a goal, and you would like their support (even if this means seeing less of you). It is very easy to waste time - almost everything in our society is designed to trap us. To keep us engaged with its content and to keep drawing us back in.

If you don't fight for your goals, no one will.

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