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Everyone has a story, and I want a space for them to share it.

I started the Share Your Story Blog as a way to spread understanding and empathy. I believe that by opening up and sharing a part of ourselves with the world, everyone will benefit. The more we understand each other, the kinder we will become.

Typically, we only really know in-depth what life is like for ourselves, or for people with very similar circumstances: age, gender, ethnicity, profession, interests, sexuality, beliefs and experiences.

Really, unless we take steps to expand our perspective, we will stay ignorant to the majority of human experience.

By reading about other people, their challenges and their inner worlds, we start to grow ourselves. Through reading someone else's story we get to live their life, at least a little bit. We face their problems with them, experience their joys and disappointment, and feel what they are feeling. We get to see the world through their their eyes. We get to see life through their perspective.

Beyond just being interesting, I believe that it can be truly life changing, because the more that we expand our perspective, the more we develop a greater understanding of the human condition - we no longer live one life, we live many. 

I invite everyone to share their story. And I do mean everyone.

Often we consider our lives to be boring, mundane or run of the mill. There is a instinctive reflex to downplay ourselves because we "are not famous" or "don't do an 'interesting' job". This is a fallacy. What is a typical occurrence for you, may be completely novel or unimaginable to other people. The fact that it is so typical for you, is amazing in itself.

So regardless of your story I want to hear about it. Please share with the world an aspect of your life that most people (that are not in your situation) would not be aware of!

Together, we can make a difference.

Zachary Phillips

*Submission specifics:
- A 200 to 2000 word count is preferable.
- Including pictures is encouraged, however they must be appropriate (related to the piece). These pictures must be either of you, owned by you, royalty free, or must you have the right to use them.
- You can remain anonymous, use an alias, or your full name if you wish. 
- You can provide a short bio and/or contact details (social media/website links), which I will link to.
- Your submission will be edited for grammar, spelling and technical issues, and formatted (paragraph length, photo placements etc) to fit the blog. With this said, everything possible will be done to keep the piece as unchanged as possible. Changes will be shown to you before publishing.
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- There will be no financial reimbursement for submission of your story. 
- There are costs involved with hosting a blog and maintaining a website. By submitting your story, you agree to allow advertisements to appear beside and within your piece.
- Zachary reserves the right to reject or remove any story that is offensive, derogatory, inflammatory, promotional, of poor quality, or does not fit with the ethos or image of the "Share Your Story Blog".

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