Sides of a coin

sides  of  a coin

Two men looked at the same event with guarded apprehension.  One glanced upwards towards the sky and the other down at a computer monitor. Despite being thousands of miles apart, in that moment their destinies were intertwined.

The first man hugged his family, and then lied to them.

“It will be okay, we will be fine”.

He knew that if it didn’t happen today, it would happen soon enough. Perhaps tomorrow, or the week after. He and therefore his family were targets. His actions dictated their consequences, one way or another his children would follow in his footsteps.

The second man shook his superiors' hands and then lied to them.

“We have done all that we can, collateral damage levels will fall within the acceptable range”.

He knew that there were always innocents in close proximity to the targets. Given the operational constraints of the mission 'all we could do' was a subjective phrase. More could always be done.

Despite not knowing each other, these two men were at war. Patriots to a cause far greater than themselves.

The first man knew it was his duty, his actions were a holy opportunity, a divine order. Besides, he knew that to refuse this obligation would have the same consequence. Death would come to him and his family, and he would rather die a hero than a traitor. At least this way he could make a difference.

The second man could have protested, pointing to conventions, directives and agreed upon rights. But he knew it would happen regardless, another would have just taken his place. Death would be swiftly delivered. The mission would be accomplished with or without him. At least this way he could make a difference.

Like an eagle stalking its prey, the machine circled menacingly overhead. In its presence, the villagers could only scurry away. They dived into the safe spaces, like rodents down a hole. To different Gods both men whispered the same prayer. Asking for forgiveness and begging for acceptance. Both glorifying his name.

A button was pressed and the missiles were launched. In that instant, both knew that they were right. Their countries had been attacked, their way of life threatened. They had to act. They knew that their individual plight was irrelevant. History was on their side and in time, they would be vindicated.

Zachary Phillips

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Zachary Phillips is an Australian born writer, podcaster, vlogger, school teacher, mental health advocate, motivational speaker and martial artist. He uses these platforms to promote mental health awareness, personal development and self-discovery.
Coming from a troubled past, he began writing as a form of therapy. After finding that sharing his story helped others to move on and heal, he decided to release his first book 'Under The Influence - Reclaiming My Childhood' to the public.
It provides a personal and brutally honest account of the destructive dynamic that a drug affected and mentally ill father can have on his child.
 Zachary gives us a sacred peek into his once shattered mind, teaching us that, even against all the odds, a broken mind can not only be healed, but can go on to flourish, inspiring others along the way.  - About Under The Influence 

"I hope that my work will help to reduce the stigma around mental illness and provide some guidance to those facing similar circumstances."

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