If you would like to support my work, a monthly contribution of $1 per month through Patreon is the most helpful method.

$1/month is almost unnoticeable on your end, but collectively would make a massive difference on my end.

Alternatively, a once off contribution via PayPal would be greatly appreciated.

Your support enables me to commit more time to writing, producing, editing, and uploading all of the content that you are enjoying. Thank you!


Why I Need Support:
I would like to be able to release much more content, but I am currently restricted by the amount of time that I can commit. I need to balance content creation with work and family life.

Even something seemingly as small as a five minute video can take up to an hour to complete - once you take into account the writing time, retakes, editing subtitles, uploading and publishing. As you could imagine, a 2000 word blog post, 30 minute podcast, or 10 minuted video takes much longer.

Ideally I would like to be able to release a daily video, as well as a minimum of one blog post and one podcast per week. By contributing, you would help to make that a reality.

How You Can Help:
All that I am asking for from my followers is $1 per month. Everyone has money issues and I couldn't justify asking for anyone to be compromised financially by contributing more than they can comfortably afford.

The reason that I am asking for such a small amount is that it is practically unnoticeable. $1 per month for an individual person is almost nothing. Yet when many people contribute such a small amount, it will all add up and become quite significant.

My goal is $2000/month. That amount will provide enough income to cover the costs of my rent, food and utilities bills, and enable me to produce content full time. If you are enjoying my content, and can afford $1 per month, please consider contributing to my Patreon. Please note the all contributions via Patreon are in $USD.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make a once off contribution via PayPal, I would very much appreciate your support. 

Two More Options To Support:

 - Purchasing my book - You can also support my work by purchasing my first book Under the Influence. Available as a paperbackeBook and audio book through Amazon. Please remember to give it 5 stars and a positive review, it really helps.

- Shopping on Amazon - By making your regular purchases on Amazon through this link, a small percentage of the sale will come to me as part of the Amazon Affiliates program (and at no extra cost to you!). Click here to shop on amazon.

Thank you for supporting my work.

I am tremendously honoured and humbled to have a community of people encouraging me on. I look forward to continuing to engage with all of you!

Kind regards,

Zachary Phillips