1 in 5 - Destroying Stigma With Statistics

1 in 5 book cover B.png

‘1 in 5’ will highlight the reality of mental illness, disability, substance use and abuse, inequality, race and other factors through an easy to digest presentation of real data, completely referenced. 

As the name suggests, I hope to destroy stigma by creating a highly shareable resource, backed with real evidence, that will serve as a conversation starting point.

Some Featured Facts:
- 1 in five adults are currently suffering from mental illness (1)
- Suicide is the leading cause of death for males aged 15-45 (2)
- $16 billion spent on cosmetic plastic surgery (3)
- 25 out of 100 pregnancies ends in miscarriage (4)
- 56% of prisoners are Black or Hispanic, yet make up 28% of the population (5)


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