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I am privileged to receive hundreds of direct messages and emails with personal requests for my advice. I read and reply to as many as I can, doing my best to provide thoughtful and detailed responses.

However, due to time constraints, I am often not able to reply until weeks, or months after a particular question is submitted. This is very frustrating for me as often the time for constructive action has passed.

What’s more, I always have follow up questions, and without dialogue, I can’t be as helpful as I would like to be.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to open coaching services to online readers. I’m excited for the opportunity to address your issues in a more thorough and timely manner. It’s not a perfect solution, but between family, writing, teaching, speaking and coaching, it seems like a viable option.

Make sure you have checked out my blog, vlog, podcast and self-help book as they contain a lot of free information that may assist you!

Coaching Topics

  • Mental Health Management:
    - Practical advice for managing the impact of mental affliction (handling the symptoms of anxiety, depression and past trauma).
    - Becoming functional and maintaining it, establishing work life balance, using writing therapy to heal.
    - Maintaining functionality whilst helping others.
    - Meditation and relaxation guidance.

  • Dream Attainment:
    - Creating and accomplishing life goals (including managing the associated stress, worry and fears).
    - Providing the space to take action (managing the real and perceived negativity of friends and family).
    - Implementing the discipline needed to accomplish greatness.

  • Personal Change:
    - Establishing and maintaining positive habits (as well as stopping negative ones).
    - Starting and sticking with a daily exercise, diet and meditation program.

  • Financial management:
    - Maximising your income by focusing on your values.
    - Implementing side hustles that make money.
    - Thrift, savings techniques and budgeting advice.

  • Accountability:
    - Keeping you accountable to yourself for any of the above topics.

Types of coaching and pricing

Option 1: Unlimited Email Coaching

With this coaching option, you will receive my personal email address.

I check and respond to these coaching emails three times per week, twice during the week and once during the weekend.

This option can be used to ask for advice, vent any personal or professional issues, seek feedback, as well as a way to help keep you accountable with your goals.

Pricing:  $75 (USD) per month, $50 (USD) per month for Patreon Supporters

-Option 2: Phone Based Coaching

This involves a 60 minute phone based coaching session (via skype or similar service). These can be regular ongoing sessions, or just a once off.

Typically the phone based sessions work around one of the following formats:

‘Free Talking’ - This involves generally talking about how you are feeling, the problems you are facing and current (or past) events that are impacting you. In this process I’ll ask questions that I think are poignant based on what you have raised, and we will discuss the situation from there.

‘Challenge Focused’ - This involves focusing on one particular challenge, theme or issue that you really want to go deep on. Although we may look at lots of different areas, this is different to above as it will be directed at solving a particular problem and will involve more specific solutions and ideas that you could implement (that we will follow up on in the next session).

‘Question and Answer’ - This involves you asking me a series of different or related questions that can be addressed as a way to cover many smaller issues in one session. If you know what you want to ask, you can send me the questions sent to me prior to the session to make the most of our time.

‘Keeping You Accountable’ - This involves me helping you to keep track of your goals and actions. The purpose being to help keep you accountable to different types of changes that you are wanting to make.

This option is great for diet changes, implementing meditation and exercise programs, budgeting, quitting smoking/drinking, waking early, cleaning and other similar goals.

We will talk about how to implement it into your life, how to stay on task over the long term as well as trouble shoot any issues that arise.

Pricing:  $200 (USD) per hour, $150 (USD) per hour for Patreon Supporters.

Other Coaching Options
If you are interested in in-person coaching (individual or small groups), school or business based coaching, please enquire here for pricing and availability.

Want To Book A Session?

If you’d like to make an appointment for a 1 on 1 coaching session in any of the above formats, or would like more information, please fill out the form below.

Once you submit your request, I will contact you to schedule an appointment and to arrange payment.

Payment must be made via Paypal at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, this is to confirm your booking. Refunds will not be given for cancellations once a deposit is paid. I will confirm receipt.

I look forward to meeting you by email or phone and having the time to answer your most pressing questions personally and in detail.

Kind regards,
Zachary Phillips

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