Can't Quite Express (poem)

Can't Quite Express

There are things that I want to say, but just can't quite express
Ruminations and meditations that I'm too afraid to address,
Like the veil over my eyes that keeps me hidden from the stress
To the dark wishes that I'm fighting to suppress.
Like the fear and anxiety that I will constantly transgress
To the past expressions that I am never going to confess,
Like how everything I do causes me nothing but duress
To the unwavering ache and torment that’s causing me to regress.

I must profess, I desire to express my stress, confess to address this abscess.
To obsess on happiness, to aim for excess and to stop living like a fucked-up mess.

Yes, I want to make progress but there are just some things that I can't quite express.


Authors Note: When I am in a bad place, it is almost impossible to express myself. I struggle to say anything, let alone aptly express my inner world.

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