Chose Wisely (poem)


Why do you think it will be ok?
Because thinking so takes your anxiety away

How do you know it won’t happen to you?
Because knowing so is all you can really do

What makes you certain it won’t be a bad day?
Because you regularly get down on your knees and pray

You don’t even believe in the power of positive thought,
If it were someone else, you’d say their methods wrought

That they are just as likely as another,
To undergo pain, loss, and oh yes, to suffer

Yet for you, you permit yourself this one kind of fiction,
Because it allows you to function with renewed conviction

But what happens when the charms and mind games fail?
What will happen when life causes you to wail?

Don’t you go thinking that these words are lies,
That the message here is something to despise

It is merely a warning to get your house in order,
Because eventually life will throw it into disorder

Look up the stats and apply them to your life,
Statically speaking, you will go through similar strife

But it doesn’t feel this way, you are somehow special,
That’s just your ego talking, with the words of a devil

You will reap what you sow, getting what you deserve,
The actions you take now, dictate what life will serve

Look at your past and trace life back,
What you did then put you on this track

So choose wisely.


Authors note: This poem takes away the safety nets that we build up overtime - exposing the lies we tell ourselves to make it easier to sleep at night.

I was quite reluctant to release this poem, as rereading it was quite triggering. However I chose to share it based on the encouragement of you all to do so ... I hope you don't come to regret that decision. Whilst this poem is 'true' it is not a pleasant truth to hold onto.

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