Creating A Monster (poem)


Take away a man’s hope
and lace him up with dope

Abuse him as a child
and expose him to the wild

Show him that God does not exist
and remove all reasons to persist

Put him under significant pressure
and reveal the joys of cardinal pleasure

Add to that some mental illness
as fractured minds increase in willingness

Explain that societal rules are collective fiction
that everyone follows with utmost conviction

Tell him to observe and play the game
to patiently wait until it’s time to take aim

Indoctrinate him into an extreme ideology
Explain all injustice through the lens of this philosophy

Teach him that bad people only get punished in stories
because in reality, these people die old, basking in glories

Finally, give him the ability to read and learn
and there’s nothing left to do, but watch the world burn


Authors note: I wrote this following a free writing rumination session where I expressed my concerns about the inherent instability of society. And how 'horror movie villains' are nothing, compared to real life psychopaths.

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