Dissociation (poem)


I see myself, and I see myself seeing myself; trapped in an infinite regress.


I don’t know what I am, other than that I am the ‘other’.


I sit in the eye of the storm, enjoying the false calm.


Picking the poison to escape my mind; my father’s curse, passed down to me.


I should lean towards hope, look to the light.


These words have no meaning, as I am incapable of giving them any.


No happy ending, no fresh beginning; just nothingness.



Authors Note: Dissociation is one of the symptoms of past trauma. It is a defence mechanism designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, it can get out of hand, over-reacting and operating at times of calmness, peace and safety. I am grateful for my dissociation for keeping me safe, but I would like to let it know that I am okay now. That I no longer am in a place that needs it support.