Obsession (poem)

Using words for expression,
A curing pain session,
My inner mind’s compression,
With anxiety, rumination and depression,
It’s an obsession,
A self-destructive messin’

Around, with pills or a knife,
Ideation of death is rife,
Friends and family feeling my strife,
I got them worried, ‘bout my life,

But I am fine,
Words help me shine,
No longer stuck in a confine,
Like a farmer’s favourite bovine,

That’s escaped the plot,
Mental clarity I’ve now got,
Pen in hand, my afflictions are shot,
Now I’m free to write my own plot,

Dream following,
Ego swallowing,
Heart opening,
Pain forgoing,

With a pen in hand,
And paper I brand,
Myself anew in this land,
Here I stand.


Authors Note: As part of my role as a disability support worker, I attended a ‘music therapy and expression’ session. This got my creative juices flowing. Combined with a very stressful day, this poem just came.