Prayer Time (poem)


A mosque shooting has left us reeling,
asking questions and stoking terror feelings,

Who, when, what, why and how,
give us answers, screams the world, now!

Children’s deaths have become political,
words from leaders quickly sound hypocritical.

In the face of such loss, we should be pulling together,
to comfort the families of those gone forever.

Is anyone safe? Is any place left Holy?
To think so today seems like utter folly.

Retaliation and revenge is likely desired,
but that’s probably why this all transpired.

Media coverage is directing guile and hate,
how can this result even be up for debate?

We believe what we read, see and are told,
seems harmless, until someone becomes this bold.

Is he just a lone aberration,
or rather an inspired hate creation?

No one will ever know the complete reasons why,
but we will forever speculate, on why those people had to die.

Religion, politics, mental illness or terror,
doesn’t matter, this act will be used to push an agenda.

So be careful when listening to all of the debate,
realise that real people have met an unfortunate fate.

Scores are dead and their families are in pain,
let’s not let them suffer alone in vain.

Let’s come together, bring them close, don’t be shy,
let’s hear their stories, listen to them talk and cry.

Collectively we can rekindle a broken community,
but it will require all of us, as a world in unity.

Authors Note: Events like the New Zealand mosque shooting sicken me. Adding to that is the almost instant politicisation of the event to drive an agenda. This poem is my response.

The video below is an episode of the Reality Check Podcast, where I elaborate my position on this event further.