Reflections (poem)


The world is a mirror to your soul,
Your happiness will be shown on the faces of strangers,
Your fear will flicker in their eyes,
Your hope will express itself in the poetry you read, as too will your ills.

The mirror rejects what you are not, thus the world will always be you,
In this way you are trapped,
Rejecting love when you need it most, and the advice you most need to hear.

Yet you are not stagnant, and neither is the mood of the world,
What happens in one, distorts the other,
Words can scratch, and actions can crack,
So keep a watch on its surface, and a polishing rag in hand.

Realise that the mirror is in fact imperfect, subject to change, manipulation and control,
That those reflections are more than mere phantasms,
That they have a force that can break.

So watch the mirror,
Be on guard against its influence,
But also influence your guard,
For your actions may inadvertently shatter someone’s soul.

Observe yourself.


Authors Note: We are social beings. Our moods, attitudes, opinions and actions often reflect those of around us. It is important to realise that this influence goes both ways. This poem is a reminder to use that knowledge to both protect your own mental state, but to also uplift those around us.