Rejection (poem)


You are not what I am wanting.

Don’t offer to change. The desire to change yourself for someone else is itself off putting.

I know myself well enough to know what I want; and what I want is not to be found in you.

This isn’t to be lamented, mourned or concerned. But to be celebrated.

Because if I had you as you are, I wouldn’t be happy. If you were to change, you wouldn’t be happy. And by taking you, it would be as to someone else not having you.

This someone would find affection, where I see only flaws. Would find joy, where I see annoyance.

A union should be frictionless. Two pieces of a puzzle coming together, not your round peg, conforming to my square hole.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism of you in any way. You are perfect, but simply not perfect for me.

You are what someone is wanting; and in turn you are wanting that someone. But that someone is not me, and you can never be my someone.


Authors Note: It is never easy to reject someone. Honest expression is the only way forward, that way all parties know exactly where they stand. This is my attempt to skirt the line between honest expression and offence.