The Daily Grind - Anthology

The Daily Grind Anthology is a collection of short stories and poetry that aims to highlight the realities of corporate life. The long hours, tedium. politicking, bureaucracy, and of course the all encompassing pursuit of money. It aims to challenge the reader to question if trading time for wealth is really worth it.

The daily grind anthology

Part 1: The Venus Fly Trap - It's man versus fly, in a battle to overcome the tedium of another work day.

"Sighing, Johnson sat down for what felt like the millionth time and began to fiddle with the plastic plant that was situated neatly in the corner of his desk. Another generic faux fern, identical in every way to the faux ferns that were to be found on most of the other desks on the floor..."

Part 2: More Of The Same - Notice how every day is the same? It won't change, unless you do.

"This day, like the last, will be the same. Arrive at the same time, wear the same clothes, do the same work. The conversations will be the same, the jokes the same, even the ‘unexpected problems’ are the same. Monotonous repetition. Day in, day out..."

 - Inspiration for The Daily Grind Anthology -

The Adventures of Employee man
work work work

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