Trippin (poem)


My days are slippin, I be trippin. Over myself. Over my words. Sentimental thoughts.
I’m mental.
Mental state. Lost forms abate. Can’t wait. I overcompensate.
I’m lost.
Searching for you. Looking for new. A preview in lieu of success.
I’m a mess.
Such stress. Much duress. Brain’s compressed. Into something different.
I’m indifferent.
Maleficent. A power against the world. Against myself.
I’m self-destructive.
Creative in chaos. Constructive in harm. Persuasive self pity.
I be tripping, this day be slippin. Now I’m lipping.
My thoughts. Onto paper. No sense. Just nonsense. A flow. A recompense. From the memories. From the pain.
I’m leaving.


Authors Note: Some days my perception skips. It feels like a bad trip, like my brain is lagging, struggling to process everything that is going on.