Wrist Locks From Guard (poem)


I used to have friends,
Then I broke their wrists.
Playing this game from bottom,
Of pain I did insist.

First I hunted their legs,
Then focused on their hands,
After me they can no longer push,
No longer grab, or walk or stand.

Some say it’s dirty,
But I tend to disagree,
Grab whatever sub you can,
Like it’s on sale, bargain bin free!

Yes people will not enjoy it,
They may yell, cry and complain,
Saying you are being cheap,
Taking the name of Jiu Jitsu in vain.

But they just got subbed,
A victory I just earned,
So hide your hands baby,
It’s a lesson you just learned.

So come to the dark side,
The techniques aren’t that dodgy,
Just ask yourself,
Why are you ignoring 4% of the body?



Authors Note: In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrist locks are seen as ‘dirty’ and ‘cheep’ however they are just as viable a submission as any other - At least that what my coach tells me!

At the time of writing, I am going through a wrist locking phase, to the absolute displeasure of my training partners.