Interested in booking me for a speaking event?


Possible Speaking Topics

  • Mental Health Management:
    - Practical advice for managing the impact of mental affliction (handling the symptoms of anxiety, depression and past trauma).
    - Becoming functional and maintaining it, establishing work life balance, using writing therapy to heal.
    - Maintaining functionality whilst helping others.
    - Meditation and relaxation guidance.

  • Dream Attainment:
    - Creating and accomplishing life goals (including managing the associated stress, worry and fears).
    - Providing the space to take action (managing the real and perceived negativity of friends and family).
    - Implementing the discipline needed to accomplish greatness.

  • Personal Change:
    - Establishing and maintaining positive habits (as well as stopping negative ones).
    - Starting and sticking with a daily exercise, diet and meditation program.

  • Financial management:
    - Maximising your income by focusing on your values.
    - Implementing side hustles that make money.
    - Thrift, savings techniques and budgeting advice.

  • Accountability:
    - Keeping you accountable to yourself for any of the above topics.

    I am open to any age group (including schools), as well as to working with charities, community groups, sporting clubs and businesses.

For pricing, availability and enquiries, please email with the subject ‘speaking’.