- About Zachary Phillips -

It’s only through open and honest discussion of our mental health issues, past traumas and the recovery process, can we hope to heal and reduce stigma. To this end, I have made it my mission in life to talk, write and share my journey as widely as possible.

I came from a troubled past and began writing as a form of therapy. After finding that sharing my story helped others to move on and heal, I decided to release my first book ‘Under The Influence - Reclaiming My Childhood’ to the public. Through it, I provide a personal and brutally honest account of the destructive dynamic that a drug affected and mentally ill father can have on his child.

I now blog, podcast, vlog, coach, teach and speak about my experiences and the recovery process.

How To Get Your Sh!t Together’ is the synthesis of all of the different tips, tricks, systems, habits and ideas that I use to overcome anxiety, defeat depression, move on from trauma, get organised, find meaning and follow my dreams.

This books is complimented by my ever growing collection of Skillshare courses that focus on mental health and personal development.

I hope that my work will help to reduce the stigma around mental illness as well as to provide some guidance for those facing similar circumstances.

I also write fiction and poetry.

My first fiction novella ‘Upgrade’ is a sci-fi/dystopic anthology series that attempts to answer the fundamental question: What does it mean to be human?

My second fiction novella ‘Wage Slave’ highlights the absurdity of the modern approach to work and life. It serves as a constant reminder to pursue my dreams, and not just work for the money - no matter how good the money is.

I am always up for a discussion about mental health, motivation and self-discovery, so if you would like to interview me on your blog or podcast (or would just like to connect), please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or connect on social media @zacpphillips.

Kind regards,

Zachary Phillips