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1) How To Get Your Sh!t Together Book and Podcast

The book is already out and available as a paperback, eBook and on Audible. However as you know, I release everything I do for free over time. This is so people who can't afford to purchase a copy can still access much needed information and support.

2) The Motherland Podcast
Join Zac and Marsha as they share some ridiculous stories about their experiences in the Motherland, and learn some conversational Russian in the process!

3) The One Minute Life Hacks Podcast
In just one minute you will learn some valuable life hacks, tips and tricks for mental health management, self improvement and following your dreams.

4) Medium Blog, Youtube Vlog and Daily Social Videos
Short (and not so short) pieces on mental health, political issues, self improvement and examples of writing therapy.

5) The Share Your Story Project
The only way to reduce the stigma of mental illness, sexuality and trauma is through the open and honest sharing of our stories. If you have a story to share, here is the place.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting what I am doing here.
Together we can make a difference!