In his personal, realistic, and down to earth style, Zachary Phillips shares what it takes to survive the impact of mental illness and childhood trauma. To go from a place of barely surviving, to passionately thriving.

Drawing from his lived experience with mental illness, childhood trauma and the recovery process, Zachary Phillips provides practical advice, tips and techniques for:

- Overcoming Anxiety
- Defeating Depression
- Moving On From Trauma
- Getting Organised
- Finding Meaning
- Following Your Dreams

How To Get Your Sh!t Together has the potential to turn your life around, to improve your mental state, functionality and overall health.

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Part 0: The Seven Life Principles That You Need To Turn Your Life Around - PDF

Part 1: Over Come Anxiety
- Become Present State Aware
- Ten Relaxation Breaths
- Full Body Sweep
- Change The Context
- Overtly State Your Anxiety
- Defeat Negative Self Talk
- There Is Always A Solution
- Sleep On It
- Meditate

Part 2: Defeat Depression
- Guard Your Mental State At All Costs
- Notice Your Warning Signs
- Status Check
- Exercise Daily
- Find Your Ideal Diet
- Read Fiction Daily
- Give Yourself A Break
- Mental Health Checklist
- Will It Matter In Five Years
- Contemplate Darkness

Part 3: Move On From Trauma
- Express Yourself Daily
- Accept Reality
- Learn How To Say No
- Dealing With Injuries, Disabilities, Setbacks and Losses
- Change Habits Slowly
- Create A Crisis Plan

Part 4: Get Organised
- Only You Can Change Your Life
- Learn How To Learn
- Get Your Finances In Order
- Prioritisation Beats Procrastination
- Do One Thing At A Time
- Eliminate As Many Decisions As Possible
- Proactively Learn Life Skills
- Use Tools To Organise Your Life
- How To Fact Check

Part 5: Find Meaning
- Live Honestly
- Live By Your Values
- You Win Or You Learn
- Surround Yourself With People That You Want To Become
- Limit Screen Time and Social Media
- Overcome Philosophical Traps

Part 6: Follow Your Dreams
- Love Your Work
- It Is Never The ‘Right Time’
- Set Goals
- Stop Thinking, Start Doing
- Stop Aiming For Perfection
- Keep Turning Up
- Weekends Don’t Exist
- Ignore The Haters
- Some Hard Truths
- Are You Doing Enough?