Are you a wage slave?

As children we can’t help but dream of all of the amazing things that we will accomplish.

Then life happens.

We get a job, we get a house, and we get into debt. We settle.

We trade away our youth, for security in old age. We spend countless hours performing mundane tasks that leave us depleted and empty. Our souls crave meaning, but we are too afraid to make any change.

We work for the weekend. Work for the holidays. Work for retirement.

We live to work, rather than working to live.

Through sardonic humour, Wage Slave highlights the absurdity of the modern approach to work and life.

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Wage Slave will be released chapter by chapter online.

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Part 1: At Least You Are Paid Well
Long hours, traffic and stress … at least you are paid well.

Every morning you are in a rush. Cringing at the shrill alarm, you relish the warmth for another second. The sheets are hugging you, the bed is soft. It is almost pleading with you to stay ...

Part 3: The Venus Fly Trap - It's man versus fly, in a battle to overcome the tedium of another work day.

Sighing, Johnson sat down for what felt like the millionth time and began to fiddle with the plastic plant that was situated neatly in the corner of his desk. Another generic faux fern, identical in every way to the faux ferns that were to be found on most of the other desks on the floor...

Part 4: More Of The Same
Notice how every day is the same? It won't change, unless you do.

This day, like the last, will be the same. Arrive at the same time, wear the same clothes, do the same work. The conversations will be the same, the jokes the same, even the ‘unexpected problems’ are the same. Monotonous repetition. Day in, day out...

Part 5: The Comfortable Rut
Sure the money is good, but are you actually satisfied?

You don’t hate your job it pays the bills,
protecting you from loss, and unforeseen ills,

Your boss, your co-workers, they are nice enough,
provided you do the right things and say the right stuff.

There is a promotion looming for you just up ahead,
great, provided the extra hours don’t leave you dead …

- Coming Soon -

Part 2: Human Resources - 1
How much can you really trust the voice on the other end of the line?

Clicking the phone speaker on, Brown gave everyone the thumbs up. His smile was growing wider by the second, yet his eyes showed rage …

Part 6: Appropriate Workplace Conversation and Etiquette - Report Excerpts
The larger the accuracy gets, the more rules it imposes upon you.

… primarily, all employees should aim to converse only in a manner that is topical to their particular fields of work, as well as its related tasks and topics. This will ensure that all conversation remains politically correct, non-discriminatory and *victimless …

Part 7: Human Resources - 2
There are procedures in place to make sure nobody is overtly discriminated against.

Look Billson I am going to level with you. I like you, I really do, but the higher ups are pushing to make an example of you. I need to know everything that happened if you want any hope of keeping your job …

Part 8: Are You A Wage Slave?
Do you even realise just how trapped you actually are?

As children we can’t help but dream of all of the amazing things that we will accomplish. What we will do, the places we will see and the people we will meet. Then life happens.

We get a job, we get a house, and we get into debt. We get used to the level of luxury that we can afford, and then define ourselves by our incomes, positions and possessions. We settle ...

Part 9: Human Resources - 3
Be careful of work place banter, it can and will be taken out of context.

Really Billson? Cannibalism? You are clearly a hungry man, but don’t you think this is a bit much?” Jones said, raising his eyes to meet Billson’s. Billson quickly looked away and bit down harder on his lip. This time drawing some blood. Instinctively he attempted to swallow it, but was once again denied this basic reflex. …

Part 10: Bilson’s Best
Some things just shouldn’t be said in the work place.

I never drink when I’m out clubbing. I don’t need to. Being hot, sober and confident is like having superpowers …

Part 11: Escaping The Trap
A truly fulfilling life is possible, provide you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

Are you really as trapped as you think you are? Yes you have bills to pay, and mouths to feed; but realistically though, isn’t there some expenses that you can cut back on?

Do you need such a new car? Such new clothes? That spare bedroom? Wouldn’t the cheaper alternative have the exact same functionality? …