How To Handle Failure


Failure is a part of life, as such, learning how to deal with it is imperative.

There are two components to this:
1) overcoming the fear of failure
2) bouncing back following a failure

For me, the key to overcoming the fear of failure is to realize that if you don't attempt it, you have failed by default. If you don't at least try, you have already failed.

From there, you need to address the fear itself - ask yourself 'what exactly am I afraid of?' Whilst it will be different for everyone, most likely it is fear of embarrassment or a cut to the ego.

If you try and fail, you have 'proven' to yourself that you are no good - Effectively, that your fears of inadequacy are in fact justified.

This can be very hard to handle. Compared to if you don't try, you can at least say to yourself that you are great. Since you have never tested your abilities, you can continue living with that delusional belief in yourself.

Risking failure really means risking self belief.

The problem with this approach is that you are living in delusion. When you risk failure, you are gaining insight into your true abilities. You get to see who you really are.

Any exposure of weakness, or deficiency that is presented can then be addressed and overcome - now that you know what you are looking for! If you have failed at something, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The real failure would be to stop altogether, as that way not only did you lose, but you also let that failure stop you completely. Instead, use it to learn!

Every failure is an opportunity to learn. Don't squander that opportunity.

How do you handle failure, and what failures have you turned into success?

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