Changing Our Reality


Part 5/11 of the 'Upgrade Anthology' - Out Now: eBook, Paperback & Audible

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The following poem was found on the body of a suspected Natural terrorist, following a Bureau of Religious and Ideological Acceptance raid on a slum.

Changing Our Reality

We had little choice but to comply,
Conform, obey, Integrate or die

They shut down our church and burnt our home,
Threw us onto the street, to fend for our own

Salvation was offered, that much is true,
But sacrificing my soul, I just couldn’t do

So here I lie, wallowing in torment,
Yet all they do is step over me and comment

“What filth, what trash, oh how I despise thee,
Thank God for this update, now my eyes no longer see”

They are hiding from the truth, they don’t live in reality,
It’s all a fraud, a fiction, leading to depravity

It was a slow transition for society to reach its current state,
Incremental change kept progressing never wanting to wait

But just how the moon doesn’t move when you stare at it intently,
No one noticed our nature becoming altered directly

Each small advancement was heralded as a Godsend,
Hunger, poverty and crime was coming to an end

These desires are natural, thus having them cannot be faulted,
Yet to make such external changes, the human animal had to be altered

So we all accepted new technology without questioning its potential,
Now the end is justifying the means, its victims inconsequential

This short story was part 5/11 of the 'Upgrade Anthology'
Out Now: eBook, Paperback & Audible