25: Overcoming The Pointlessness of Life


When I am depressed, the 'pointlessness of life' becomes overwhelming. 

"My life will end, so will yours. Our bodies will rot and eventually the universe will experience heat death. We will be forgotten. Therefore, what's the point?"

These thoughts become particularly troublesome to people like myself who don't have a strong faith or ideology to prescribe an external meaning upon our existence.

In this podcast, I cover three counters to these thoughts:
1) They only bother me when I'm depressed, so take action to guard your mental state.
2) If there is no meaning, then you are free to make your own meaning.
3) If you are not religious, then there is an eternity of nothingness before and after your life. Therefore, your life is the single speck of light in an otherwise eternity of blackness. So make the most of it.

This life is all you have, live it to the fullest and don't end it prematurely - the void will be there when it's all over anyway.

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