49: Ava's Journey - Battling Neuroblastoma (interview)


Ava is a two year old girl who is receiving treatment for Stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma. This is a very aggressive form of cancer, with a survival rate of 40%. If Ava's chemotherapy treatments are successful, she faces a 75% chance of relapse with in 6 months - unless she receives a trial vaccine.

Despite amazing results, the vaccine it is currently not receiving funding, leaving family and friends to come up the the money necessary for treatment. The total costs of the treatment, including the vaccine itself and the 7+ trips to USA to administer it (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, accommodation and other expenses will be well over $300,000.

In this episode I am joined by Ava's parents Leanne and James to talk more about Ava's Journey.

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