94: My Morning Routine (& How You Can Make One Work For You!)

For me, sticking to a morning ritual is key, both for my mental health, but also for my productivity. In this episode I break down my morning, I talk about why I use a routine, as well as how you can implement one in your life.

My mornings in a nutshell:
- Wake at 6am
- Green tea with jasmine
- Meditate (40 mins)
- Black coffee
- Russian language lesson #1 (3 mins)
- Exercise (45 mins)
- Russian language lesson #2 (3 mins)
- Prioritise my day (3 mins)
- Respond to social (5 mins)
- Post on social (5 mins)
- Cold shower

Links Mentioned:
- Daily Rituals: How Artists Work (Mason Curry)
- Meditation For Mental Health (Skillshare video course)
- ‘Meditate' - ch:1.9 of How To Get Your Sh!t Together
- The Mind Illuminated - John Yates
- Jocko Willink

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