11: How I Get Myself out of Bad Mental States As Quickly As Possible

When somebody is in a down mental state there is a tendency for them to feel like they have always been in that state.

Personally, when I am going through a bout of anxiety, depression or disociation I feel like I have always been suffering from it. It taints every memory of my past and makes me feel like it will be there for each instance in my future.

To combat this, I have written a 'mental health check list' that outlines that things have and will get better (they always have). As well as lists the activities that have worked for me in the past . 

I leave this on my wall as a reminder and promise to myself that I will try to get better, even if it feels like I can't. In this episode I go in depth, explaining what I do to pull myself out of a down mental state.

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How I Get Myself out of Bad Mental States As Quick As Possible